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Maintenence of reciprocating equipment needs intelligent, reliable and scalable technologies that provide a holistic maintenance approach to existing programs. HolizTech™ is the 1st reciprocating machinery diagnostic software, hardware & service that delivers actionable intelligence, holistic insights and prescriptive monitoring for your reciprocating assets.


Reciprocating machinery data is one of the most underused and undervalued assets of any organisation. There is valuable information hidden in this data.

Reciprocating equipment data is valuable because it contains a conclusive record of all the activity and behaviour of your compressor or engine. It includes information from many sources, data from API's, process information, change events, the output of diagnostic commands, and sensor data from industrial systems and PLC's.


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Our approach requires much more than data and machine learning algorithms for predictive analytics, certainly much more to do prescriptive analytics. Our holistic approach provides a solution where the software does intense data gathering, data validation, real time processing and works with existing operational and maintenance systems to alert for intervention to prevent problems.


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